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Raven Black - náhled

Raven Black (2006)

popis: Winner of Britain’s coveted Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award, Ann Cleeves introduces a dazzling new...

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Last Orders - náhled

Last Orders (1996)

popis: Last Orders, winner of the 1996 Booker Prize, is Graham Swift's most poignant exploration of the...

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Fruitful Bodies - náhled

Fruitful Bodies (2001)

popis: In Bath, England, good health is an ancient tradition and a booming business. One local font of...

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Venezuela - náhled

Venezuela (2001)

popis: This travel guide illustrates a variety of landscapes, from the snow-capped Andes to the Amazon...

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The Vampire Diaries: the Awakening and the Struggle - náhled

The Vampire Diaries: the Awakening and the Struggle (2007)

popis: The Awakening: Elena Gilbert is used to getting what she wants and she wants mysterious new boy,...

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Time and the Conways and Other Plays - náhled

Time and the Conways and Other Plays (1982)

popis: Included in this volume are, 'Time & the Conways', I Have Been Here Before', 'An Inspector Calls',...

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(Un)arranged Marriage - náhled

(Un)arranged Marriage (2001)

popis: Set partly in the UK and partly in the Punjab region of India, this is a fresh, bitingly perceptive...

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The Tragedy Paper - náhled

The Tragedy Paper (2013)

popis: Tim Macbeth, a seventeen-year-old albino and a recent transfer to the prestigious Irving School,...

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The Mammoth Book of Vintage Whodunnits - náhled

The Mammoth Book of Vintage Whodunnits (2006)

popis: Following on the heels of the popular Mammoth Book of Great Detective Stories, the The Mammoth Book...

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The Devil in Love - náhled

The Devil in Love (1991)

popis: " A brief but sparkling bon-bon from the French writer Jacques Cazotte, who was guillotined in...

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The Big Money - náhled

The Big Money (1979)

popis: THE BIG MONEY completes John Dos Passos's three-volume "fable of America's materialistic success...

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Robinson Crusoe - náhled

Robinson Crusoe (1994)

popis: One of the first novels ever written, Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, the classic adventure story...

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Our Town / The Skin of Our Teeth / The Matchmaker - náhled

Our Town / The Skin of Our Teeth / The Matchmaker (1962)

popis: Three of the greatest plays in American literature collected in one volume This important new...

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Mrs. Dalloway - náhled

Mrs. Dalloway (2004)

popis: This title is presented with introductions by Valentine Cunningham And Carol Ann Duffy. In this...

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You Shall Know Our Velocity - náhled

You Shall Know Our Velocity (2004)

popis: In his first novel, Dave Eggers has written a moving and hilarious tale of two friends who fly...

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Year of the Jaguar - náhled

Year of the Jaguar (1997)

popis: January 1993. Equipped with a small legacy from an uncle,an increasingly disenchanted girlfriend,...

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Winter Breaks - náhled

Winter Breaks (1999)

popis: All those things of last summer have changed everyone - heartbreaks, jealousies and various...

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Whit - náhled

Whit (1996)

popis: A little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing...Innocent in the ways of the world, an ingenue...

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When We Were Romans - náhled

When We Were Romans (2007)

popis: Nine-year-old Lawrence is the man in his family. He watches protectively over his mother and his...

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Two of Us - náhled

Two of Us (2005)

popis: Life is not going well for teenage Rosalind. As if losing her two moms to a truck-load of frozen...

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Trespassing - náhled

Trespassing (2004)

popis: This sweeping novel of 1990s Pakistan, Khan's first to be published in the U.S., begins with a...

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Translated Accounts - náhled

Translated Accounts (2001)

popis: James Kelman's first novel since the Booker Prize winner How late it was, how late in 1994. Taking...

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These High, Green Hills - náhled

These High, Green Hills (1996)

popis: Jan Karon has attracted an enthusiastic population of fans to her stories set in a little town so...

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The Wonder - náhled

The Wonder (2010)

popis: As a child Lucas assumed that all children who’d lost their parents lived on water. Now a...

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The Woman Who Walked into Doors - náhled

The Woman Who Walked into Doors (1996)

popis: Paula Spencer is a thirty-nine-year-old working-class woman struggling to reclaim her dignity after...

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The Wave - náhled

The Wave (1983)

popis: The Wave is based on a true incident that occured in a high school history class in Palo Alto,...

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The Translator - náhled

The Translator (1999)

popis: American readers were introduced to the award-winning Sudanese author Leila Aboulela with Minaret,...

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The Sunlight Dialogues - náhled

The Sunlight Dialogues (1974)

popis: In The Sunlight Dialogues, John Gardner's vision of America in the turbulent 1960s embraces an...

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The Stone Diaries - náhled

The Stone Diaries (1995)

popis: The Stone Diaries is the story of one woman's life, a truly sensuous novel that reflects and...

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The Shoes of the Fisherman - náhled

The Shoes of the Fisherman (1977)

popis: A pope has died, and the corridors of the Vatican hum with intrigue as cardinals from all over the...

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The Satanic Verses - náhled

The Satanic Verses (1998)

popis: One of the most controversial and acclaimed novels ever written, The Satanic Verses is Salman...

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The Prince of West End Avenue - náhled

The Prince of West End Avenue (1996)

popis: The narrator, Otto Korner, is writing a journal of the events surrounding a production of Hamlet at...

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The Plato Papers - náhled

The Plato Papers (2000)

popis: Is each century doomed to misinterpret previous ones? That's the central question of Ackroyd's new...

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The Piano Teacher - náhled

The Piano Teacher (2009)

popis: Exotic Hong Kong takes center stage in this sumptuous novel, set in the 1940s and '50s. It's a city...

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The Olive Readers - náhled

The Olive Readers (2006)

popis: Earth, the future. The planet is ruled by a Federation of Countries (The Olive Country, the Water...

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The Memory Keeper's Daughter - náhled

The Memory Keeper's Daughter (2005)

popis: On a winter night in 1964, Dr. David Henry is forced by a blizzard to deliver his own twins. His...

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The Last Time They Met - náhled

The Last Time They Met (2001)

popis: From the last time Linda and Thomas meet, at a charmless hotel in a distant city, to the moment,...

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The Idea of Perfection - náhled

The Idea of Perfection (2000)

popis: This novel presents the story of two people, both divorced, who for differing reasons are residing...

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The Great Fire - náhled

The Great Fire (2003)

popis: The year is 1947. The great fire of the Second World War has convulsed Europe and Asia. In its...

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Love Songs of Vidyapati - náhled

Love Songs of Vidyapati (1970)

popis: Vidyapati (c. 1352 1448), called second Jayadeva in his lifetime, is immersed, charged and inspired...

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The Gettin Place - náhled

The Gettin Place (1996)

popis: Susan Straight's most powerful novel yet is framed by two race riots: the little known Tulsa riots...

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The Fault in Our Stars - náhled

The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

popis: At 16, Hazel Grace Lancaster, a three-year stage IV–cancer survivor, is clinically depressed. To...

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The Escape - náhled

The Escape (2010)

popis: Haffner is charming, morally suspect, vain, obsessed by the libertine emperors. He is British and...

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The Double Bind - náhled

The Double Bind (2007)

popis: In Chris Bohjalian's astonishing novel, nothing is what it at first seems. Not the bucolic Vermont...

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The Dive from Clausen's Pier - náhled

The Dive from Clausen's Pier (2003)

popis: Carrie Bell is the worst person in the world. Or so she would have you think. In the gripping,...

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The Crying of Lot 49 - náhled

The Crying of Lot 49 (2000)

popis: Suffused with rich satire, chaotic brilliance, verbal turbulence and wild humor, The Crying of Lot...

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The Confessions of Max Tivoli - náhled

The Confessions of Max Tivoli (2005)

popis: Born with the physical appearance of an elderly man, Max grows older mentally like any child, but...

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The Company  - náhled

The Company (2003)

popis: An engrossing, multigenerational, wickedly nostalgic yet utterly entertaining and candid saga,...

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